Monday, April 30, 2012

Maths Performance Task

Hey, Maths Department!!!

My experience with statistics and how to apply it in real life

There may be many uses in statistics in general, but I am first going to write an opinion or two on the use of statistics in terms of 'Home'.

At home, there can be tonnes of use with statistics. You could record daily progress in individual practice assessments at home and find out about the different areas in each subject that you may not understand, and you will be able to work on it and improve those areas from bummer to great. At home, you could also monitor on the daily house chores, how many they may be and how much time would you need, and also in detail of every chore.

During my e-learning activity of taxi counting, statistics helped me immensely as my friends take down data as I run all over the place like a mad woman to count taxis and passengers. Alright, in all seriousness, without statistics, we could only have raw data and nothing else, and the point of collecting data is just useless. And there I was, running around crazily just for some data, for no point at all if we didn't have statistics.

Statistics can be used for many business purposes, from Technology to even the police force, in Singapore. I'm not very sure about other countries, though. If the world did not have statistics, we wouldn't even be able to survive! Who knows, animals ruling over Earth and humans as their slaves could be happening at this very moment without statistics...I know, I have a weird sense of imagination.

This wraps up my reflection, thanks for reading!!!

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